Healing Betty Crocker Syndrome

Cake mixes of a variety of brands on the supermarket shelves.
We are trapped in Betty Crocker Syndrome, and our bodies pay dearly for it. Is there any way out? [Photo taken at my local supermarket]. 
As promised, this post is a continuation of a two-article description regarding Betty Crocker Syndrome. If you want to dig deeper, I recommend that you take a moment to read the first post. [<–really. I think it’s infotaining.]

In my first post, I proposed that because of the way Betty Crocker Syndrome [BCS] works — that is, we are hooked on convenience foods until they stop working for us — it appears that Americans are trapped in a BCS cycle that includes poor health, fatigue, fogginess, excess weight (likely due to the amount of sugars, fat, and salt found in a single serving), and other food-influenced diseases. Whether we eat convenience foods. or rely on others to cook our foods for us to the point that we are out of tune with the score of ingredients found in them, we end up in the same places.

Sick. Fatigued. Overweight. Poorly nourished. Anxious. Depressed.

I don’t like the way that sounds. Do you?

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