The Sensitive Celiac Technical Baking Challenge

I am so excited about this, I could pee my pants (but I’m not going to!).

During my long rides on a Computrainer in our garage (affectionately named, The Cave of Suffering”), I compounded my miserable biking training sessions with the agony and ecstasy of watching multiple episodes of, The Great British Baking Show.

My friends rolled their eyes. How could I do this to myself? Isn’t it just torture to watch contestants making sugary, savory, creamy, gluten-filled pies, breads, and cakes, knowing that I would never be able to eat them?

Oh my Hungry Minions! There is always an idea waiting to be hatched whenever I am in my own mental trenches of gluten-free baking hell. My job was to focus on the “what” of an idea, and to understand that sometimes, I’m not the one who needs to figure out the “how.”

If two heads are better than one, I invite you to read on and participate in the “how” of this post: the first ever Sensitive Celiac (or Gluten Free Guru) Technical Bake Challenge!

On your marks… get set… bake!

Here’s how the Sensitive Celiac (Gluten-Free Guru) Technical Baking Challenge works.

Take a look at the ingredients below; they form the foundation of elements for the technical bake. You can add anything else that complies with the general instructions; however, you cannot add prohibited ingredients, substitute a processed food, or begin with a pre-made baked shell.

Additionally, you determine the bake time and bake temperatures.

FYI: write down every step of your bake. Potentially, you have an original recipe. The only part of a recipe that is protected is the actual measurements and steps; the ingredients alone are not the protected part of intellectual property regarding a recipe. Therefore, when you borrow ideas from a published recipe, you should give credit to the original author.

Bake, photograph, and sample what you baked. Give it a fair review by having a family member or friend try it, and ask a few questions regarding flavor, texture, and the over-all bake quality.

Here are the technical elements of the Gluten-Free Dairy Free Chicken Mini Pot Pie:

4 Ramekins

Head of cauliflower, chopped down to “rice” like grains (food processor or blender will do this)

Squeeze out any water from the cauliflower.

Egg or oil as a binder (no seed oil), add in water if you need it.

Form crust and tops for ramekins, bake or roast in oven. Because there is no gluten, you do not need to rest or prove this before baking.

Slurry Filling: coconut milk, cooked chicken breast chopped, cooked vegetables, seasonings, tablespoon of gluten free flour (no potato starch, no cornstarch for the slurry).

Add the slurry to the mini crusts. Bake any additional time needed. Crust should be golden brown on the outside like roasted cauliflower. Do not brush with butter (not even goat dairy). Do not add cheese or non-dairy cheese (this is a processed food that contains peas or soy,

On your marks… get set… bake!

If you would like to post your photographed bake to Instagram or FB, go to MyAllergyAdvocate on either Social Media platform, and use the hashtag #GFMiniPotPie.


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