Timber City Ginger Beer

Timber City Ginger Beer

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Sales and marketing manager Anna-Lise Chacon and brewer Ryan Doty stand next to the tasting table in owner’s Kara Patt and Kyle McNight’s Timber City Beer brewery in Southpark (South Seattle). Photo by Imei Hsu, published with permission.

Disclosure: Timber City Ginger Beer invited me to take a tour of their brewery. My review of their product is my own. I received a 16 ounce can of original flavor ginger beer as a gift. This is an unpaid and unsponsored product review. 

After I found out I had Celiac Disease in 2014, it wasn’t long before I also realized how gluten-free beer didn’t “work” for me. Like everyone else handed this diagnosis, I went on a hunt for everything gluten free, finding out the hard way that gluten free producers of food and beverage aren’t always making their products in your best interest rather than their bottom line. But beer is a little different. Here’s why.

Beer has a very unique flavor and hoppy properties which are difficult to replicate without barley. Most gluten-free beers are brewed with ingredients such as gluten free oats, sorghum, and millet, and in combination with the high amount of sugar to disguise any unpleasant, non beer-like flavors, a six or twelve ounce serving left me feeling ill. Not just a little ill.  A lot ill. Like crying over a toilet, cramping with diarrhea and nausea, scratching my skin raw kind of ill.

Don’t even talk to me about Omission Beer. I had one back in 2013 that left me so ill, I never thought twice about trying it again. End of story.

I can imagine what the average gluten-free beer lover might be thinking. Why would I even want to try a ginger beer, which really is in a category separate from what most of us think of as beer? Ginger beer doesn’t even have alcohol in it. Where’s the fun in that?

Ginger beer isn’t hoppy,  and it isn’t alcoholic,  but it can be a happy in its own unique way. By blending fresh ingredients in a traditional brewing method, Timber City ginger beer’s small-batch production could easily turn your head towards all things earthy, ginger,  and spicy, all without dumping a truck load of sugar into your system.  Continue reading


Instant Pot Hot Wings and Drummettes

Instant Pot Hot Wings or Drummettes

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Because of the ingredients added to most sauces for hot wings, I haven’t had a decent one in years. Why shouldn’t we have a go-to party food that is a healthier, safe option? Photo by Imei Hsu.

Hot wings and drummettes are so popular, they have whole restaurants dedicated to these delectable, finger-lickin’ nibbles. When I began to plan a light menu for a party at my artloft that fell on Superbowl weekend, I just knew that I had to come up with an ” I can have these!” version of hot wings.

I prefer little drummettes or even small chicken drumsticks instead of wings, as it seems that for all the work it takes to eat wings, you get a big pile of chicken bones and very little chicken meat for the energy expenditure. With drummettes and drumsticks, you hold the bone with one hand and nibble around it like holding a handle, and then you’re done. Wings are a two-handed affair. I always end up with chicken juice on my nose. Ew!

Still, any food that requires moistened towelettes for clean up should be on a list of party food favorites, and if you’re like me and you can’t have any food that was poured from a bottle — well, there goes that amazing BBQ sauce, the fiery hot sauce, Sriracha sauce, soy sauce and tamari sauce (because you react to gluten AND soy), even some of you can’t have coconut aminos. You also can’t have dairy, which would make the sauce creamy if you could add butter. And you can’t have cornstarch, which would give the sauce a thickness that you miss when you imagine a rich sauce. It’s just a whole lot of NOPE.

Are you salivating yet? I was when I said, “It is time!” and committed to create a sauce that the majority of us Hungry Minions could enjoy. And I have done it! You’re welcome!

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