Imei’s Mad Scientist Kitchen


[taps microphone after ear-splitting feedback echos inside your skull]

Um… I’ll have some recipes up soon! These are my own, and not from my dear friend Amalia, who is the genius food creator behind the future brand. She’ll be releasing a few of her prized recipes as she prepares her first cookbook!  Super excited!

Just a sample of what’s coming up from Imei’s Mad Scientist Kitchen:

Lamb With Tamarind Sauce <— this one is so simple & uber nom nom!

Savory Beef and Vegetable Stew (Using the InstantPot)   <— look, there’s a recipe! Grab it now!

Sweet Potato Race Gel

Homemade Maple Syrup and Fruit gelatin (without the yuck)

Lavender Salted Caramels (non dairy)

Mom’s Pickled Cabbage (handed down from my mother)

Lamb Meatballs with Pomegranate and Basil

Cauliflower Mashers with Paprika

Simple Gluten-free Flatbread Pizza (not AIP)


Just a teaser for what is to come… cooking videos with Google Glass! Um, hello! This is so fun!